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All About The Healing Brush by Diana Lehboub

Hello everyone! My name is Diana Marcela Gonzalez Lehboub and I want to thank you so much for visiting A Healing Brush. I am so excited and thrilled to tell you about all the wonderful things that we would like to offer you. A Healing Brush is my brain child conceived during a difficult transition in my life. My mission is to be able to touch as many lives as possible. Especially lives that are going through challenges and can use art as a medium to heal and express themselves. I consider myself to be a servant leader. As far back as I could remember I always volunteered and tried to be of service in any way I could to those in need. I have collaborated  with many non-profit organizations but I especially have a soft spot for children and the elderly. It's this love that drives why I want to provide free painting, crafting, and educational live streaming events to children. Being a CASA Advocate for over five years and volunteering for a wonderful organization that grants wishes to children who have life-threatening or chronically debilitating conditions has shown me first-hand what a neglected, abused, or lonely child goes through and the need for them to find an outlet to express themselves. It's my hope that these streaming and recorded events from A Healing Brush can be beneficial to them and many other children. In order to continue this vision alive and self-sustaining I am selling my paintings and art apparels. Any revenue generated from the sales will be put back into the projects and services that A Healing Brush strives to accomplish. Donations are, of course, always welcome and would be greatly appreciated and can be made through the donation tab. We also accept donations of art supplies such as canvases, acrylic paint, painting kits, paint brushes, craft items, or kids apron. Getting these items can go a long way to helping children get the tools necessary to participate in A Healing Brush. Please feel free to contact me if you want to volunteer or collaborate on any future projects.

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