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It's my hope that the projects we bring to life can become a means to cope with the deep emotions, trauma, and hopelessness especially after the very taxing year 2020. Art projects provided me a new direction and filled me with a renewed sense of hope, the paintbrush became a healing brush whose strokes eased the pain I felt within. If even one person feels the same thanks to these projects, then I've accomplished all I set out to do.

Painting Easels

Using Your Imagination

One of the most beautiful aspects of painting are the moments when I am able to share the experience with the ones I love. My grandson and I have been blessed with the opportunity to paint together and create wonderful works of art. It's my hope to share the techniques that my grandson and I have developed with the world so that you can have a wonderful bonding experience while creating your masterpiece. Join us on our next livestream with your kiddo to be part of the fun.

Wet Paintbrushes

Valentines Day Birdhouse

One of our many events that have been created for children to paint a special gift for their loved one. Join us on livestream so you can be a part of this project!

Holding a Paintbrush

Using the Paint Brush to Help Heal Broken Hearts

My ongoing passion project where I create a painting for those grieving the death of a loved one. If the painting resonates and creates a connection with the individual, I will donate it to them. These paintings are created with love and the intention of being a small portion of the healing process. Like a reminder to the bereaved that they are loved and their loved one will never be forgotten.

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