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More Than A Machine


Created by visionary artist Diana Lehboub AKA Diana Gone.


  • TECHNIQUE : Acrylic painting on a stretched canvas.
  • DIMENSIONS : 18 x 24 
  • The colors in this painting are pink, orange  varies shades of blue, yellow, bronze, white, red , green and grey. 
  • This painting has metal keys and gears affix to it.
  • Artwork on supported wooden frame. Ready to hang.


Years of working in corporate America can make you feel like you’re little more than a machine. But underneath that feeling and the cold impersonal world of “doing your job right,” is a humanity that keeps things moving.

My painting tries to capture that idea by laying metal cog parts and brown splotches on top of a colorful wheel that I view as the soul. Even though the splotches and metal pieces are there, they cannot overtake or erase the soul underneath.

The keys point away from the machine in various directions to represent how freedom comes not from the fog and oppressive gears trying to entrap the human spirit. Rather freedom comes from outside of the machine. The painting encourages the viewer to see beyond the trap of the mechanism and witness the beauty of the world when one escapes the machine and becomes more.

More Than A Machine

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